Tube air diffusers for waste water treatment

As Geotierre, we produce tube diffusers with ¾” screw connections for nipples (TBA series) or tie-rods screws (TBX series).

Although the standard length of the tubes is 500/750 mm, made to measure lengths can be requested. The raw materials used for the construction of our diffusers come from major European groups and thus we can guarantee reliability over time. The membranes are available with different porosities (small, medium or large bubbles) in order to accommodate every need.

The tube diffuser is made up of two parts:

1. A PP / PE tube core,

2. A silicone or EPDM micro-perforated membrane.


Here are its main properties and application areas:

  • The membrane is fixed on the tube using stainless steel hose clamps. The perforation doesn’t call for any material removal: during the action air inflates the membrane, causing the microholes to open and thereby the emission of microbubbles. When the process stops, the membrane deflates closing the holes without obstructions;
  • In the TBA version a connection (3/4” female) is fixed directly on the tube core of the PE diffuser for nipple screwing, while in the TBX version the diffuser is fixed on the channel using tie-rods;
  • The main application areas are for the pre-aeration and aeration of sewage, as well as the aerobic digestion of sludge;
  • The oxygen transfer output increases in line with the required depth.
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