Disc diffusers for aeration waste water

Ecoflex XS Series 9
Ecoflex Series 11
Ecoflex XL Series 14

The microbubble disc diffuser is particularly suitable for the production of “carpet” diffusion systems and for all those basins whose geometric shape makes the use of tube diffusers impossible.

Ecoflex® diffuser: an elastic membrane for every need!

The accurate compression moulding guarantees diffusers manufactured with a uniform specific gravity and tear strength.

A compression moulded article has a multidirectional tear strength, whereas injection moulded items don’t usually have this beneficial property.

Here are the main characteristics:

  • In the diffuser there’s a membrane holder disc with threaded lock ring preventing the membrane from slipping out from the diffuser;
  • The design of both diffuser and membrane guarantees a uniform air distribution and bubbles released over the whole membrane’s surface during the entire air flow time.
  • A non-return valve, separate from the membrane, gives extra safety preventing the waste water from re-entering;
  • The membrane’s perforation doesn’t call for any material removal: during the action air opens the non-return valve and inflates the membrane, causing the microholes to open and thereby the emission of microbubbles. When the process stops the membrane deflates, closing the holes without any obstructions. Meanwhile, water pressure on the membrane presses even more on the non-return valve.
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