Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) Bacteria Carrier Material

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New-Pond® bacteria carrier material, created with a special HDPE, has been patented by Geotierre srl in order to be applied in a special production process.

Since this process offers a wide range of surfaces where bacteria can easily settle and develop, we’ve a patented solution so that there is a continuous exchange of microorganisms.

MBBR systems fit into the category of plants designed for active sludge biological purification. They’re defined as biofilm reactors because the active sludge instead of being suspended on the water like in traditional systems, takes root in a few plastic supports with a specific protected surface in the biological reactor. The formation of biofilm is mainly due to the development of the microbic cells and to the production of extracellular polymers. The film development varies, therefore, based on the composition of waste water and transport processes; thanks to these processes the sublayers become available for microorganisms in the biofilm.


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Newpond® technical image
Variant Material Size Granulometry Quantity
20 mm
HDPE 20 mm
55 mm
HDPE 55 mm

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